Avoid Toxic People

Some people do not realize all the negative effects it has on the people around them, and others find it a pleasure to create chaos and push us to the limits. Toxic people are a source of difficulty, conflict and, most of all, stress.

How to manage your emotions in times of stress; They remain calm and control the situation. His greatest gift is his ability to identify toxic people and use emotional intelligence to keep them away.
You cannot expect to distance yourself from toxic people before you recognize them. The most difficult task is to distinguish between those who are only irritating or complex and those who are truly toxic. Here are ten types of toxic people that you should avoid at all costs to avoid becoming toxic yourself.

1. Gossip

Gossip finds its joy in the misfortune of others. It is probably the most fun to see even the slightest reduction in someone's personal or professional life, but over time it gets tiresome, you start being disrespectful and mean. There are a lot of positive things in life and learning to waste time talking interesting people to others is sad. 

2. Specialty

Some people have absolutely no control over their emotions. They attack you and project their feelings on you, thinking that it is you who are responsible for their unhappiness.
It is difficult to repel people of character because their lack of control makes you feel guilty. When the situation gets complicated, people of the character put their feelings on you; They should be avoided at all. 

3. victim

It is difficult to recognize the victims because you always start to have pity for them. But the more time that passes, the more we understand that they need us all the time. The victims denied all responsibility, making it impossible to cross at least one mountain. They do not believe that there are opportunities to learn and develop hard times. There is an old saying: "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional." This fully shows the toxic side of the victim, who remains the victim at all times.

4. Egoistic

Self-centered people make you depressed because they are distant and cold. We quickly realize that we are dating self-centered people: they make us feel very lonely. This is because they are not interested in maintaining a genuine relationship with anyone. We are just a tool to increase their self-esteem. 


Among envious people, the grass is always greener than anywhere else. Even when something good happens to them, they do not get any pleasure from it. This is because they compare their happiness to the world rather than just getting satisfaction in what is happening to them. And, let's be honest, there will always be someone who does better somewhere. Spending time with jealous people is dangerous because they teach you to minimize your successes. 

Avoid Toxic People

6. manipulator

Manipulations pump all your time and energy under the friendship front. They are not always easy to manage, because they treat you as a friend. They know what you like, what makes you happy and what makes you laugh, but the problem is that they use this information. They do nothing without ulterior motives. Manipulators are always trying to get something from you, and if you take a step back from your relationship with them, they just take, take, never take, or give very little. They do everything to convince you to destroy them better. 

7. Negative Creep

In JK Rowling's "Harry Potter" saga, negative Creep are evil creatures who suck the soul from the body and leave people in an inhuman state. When they around you  everything darkens, cools down, and people remember their worst memories. Rowling explains that she developed the concept of negativity from very harmful people - the kind of people who have the ability to stay in a room and suck for life. 
Everyone aspires for life by imposing negativity and pessimism on the person. They always see the glass half empty, and they can instill fear in any situation. 

8. spoiler

Some toxic people have bad intentions; They find happiness in the
 suffering and misery of others. They are either to hurt you, to make you feel bad, or to get something from you; Otherwise, they are not interested in 
meeting you. The only good thing with people like this is that you can understand their intentions fairly quickly, which makes them easier to get rid of.

9. Critic

Serious people quickly tell you what is good and what is not good. They are very good at finding something that you are passionate about and killing you. Instead of learning from people who are different from them, serious people look to others. They hold your feelings and your desires for expression, so it is better to get away from them and be yourself. 

10. Arrogant

Arrogant people are a waste of time because they take everything you do for a personal challenge. Ego is false confidence: it is always a big p
art of doubt. The Akron University study shows that conceited people often have a lot of problems at work. They are less effective, more unpleasant and have higher cognitive problems than average. 

How to protect yourself from toxic people

Toxic people drive us crazy because their behavior is irrational. Make no mistake: their behavior defies all logic, so try to answer them and get stuck in their game? 

The more irrational a person is, the easier it should be to avoid harm. Do not try to beat them any more in your game. Keep your distance and treat your interactions with them as scientific experiments (or, if you ar
e their shrink, if you like this comparison). You don't have to react to emotional chaos - just the facts. 

There is a need to be vigilant while keeping your distance. If you stop recognizing the facts then you cannot stop pushing them. Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you have to pull yourself together to choose the best approach. Do not panic, you have the right to take the time to do it.

Most people think that because they live or work with someone, they have no way of controlling this chaos. Quite the opposite. Once a toxic person is identified, their behavior becomes predictable and easy to understand. This allows you to think rationally about when to tolerate it and when not to. You can set boundaries, but you have to do it consciously and actively. If you let it go, you will find yourself in complex situations. If you set limits and decide when and where to handle a complex person, you can manage the chaos. The hardest part is to camp in their positions and maintain their boundaries when the person tries to cross them, which they always do.

Avoid Toxic People

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