Meditation Day : Time to Connect With Your Spirit

World Meditation Day will be celebrated on 31 May 2020.

Meditation invites you to relax and recharge your battery to separate it from stress.
Meditation is something that we can do at any time, and it is not just about calming our brain, but helps to deliver oxygen to every part of our body. Closing your eyes and focusing on your breath is the key to meditation that we can do every day, it is also a good way to connect with ourselves.

History of meditation day

History of World Meditation Day can be traced only through meditation of history. Meditation has been an integral part of many religions and was first found in writing in India around 1500 BCE.

It plays a major role in many religions around the world, particularly Buddhism and other Eastern religions, but is also practiced by those who do not as a way to reduce stress and clear their minds So are neither spiritual nor religious.

Meditation is important in today's world, whether you are a spiritual person or not, the euphoria of daily activity prevents many of us from having a moment's peace.

Meditation techniques

There are various meditation techniques, the best known and practiced are those that emerged in India and stand out for being the oldest. However, new techniques have emerged that have also become fashionable, especially in western countries.
Now, it is important to highlight that although there are many techniques and methods to carry out meditation, they all start from the same principle, which is to observe and analyze our thoughts from a posture of silence, stillness and concentration.
Once the individual is in a state of complete relaxation, that is, that his mind is blank, it is when he can contemplate his emotions and feelings and, from there, be more aware of what he experiences, favoring introspection , knowing himself.
Meditation Day : Time to Connect With Your Spirit

The basic techniques for meditation are:
Breathing: Breathing must be calm, that is, inhaling and exhaling gently and repeatedly to feel the air entering and leaving our body.

Body posture: the person who meditates must sit with his back upright, with his hands on his knees and have his legs crossed. In silence, breathing soft and slow, the individual should fully visualize and recognize himself.

Eyes closed: during the meditation process it is suggested to close your eyes and visualize everything that we have in our minds in a clear and serene way.
It is important to highlight that meditation should be done in a comfortable space and away from any situation that generates De-concentration, restlessness or noise.
 Meditation benefits
  • Meditating can change our mind
  • It helps to rest and relax our mind.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Improve memory.
  • Improves emotional stability.
  • It helps to increase personal awareness.
  • Facilitates and improves the quality of sleep.
  • It improves overall health.
  • Relax muscle tension.
  • Improve concentration.
  • It contributes to improving mood.

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