healthy mental activities

Mental health is that part of general health on which we sometimes do not get the necessary attention. We pay more attention to physical health and as a result some problems may appear if we maintain healthy living habits as they improve our physical condition, then we should know that they also make mental improvements. Therefore, these habits are positive for our general, physical, mental and social health. In this way, we can prevent problems like anxiety from appearing.

How to have good mental health?

As most are attentive to their physical health, however, we are not aware that mental health is just as important for physical health and if we are not psychologically well, it will affect our bodies. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to our mental health as well

So let's start with 8 things that are essential for Healthy Mental Activities

1. Practice meditation:

Devote 15 or 20 minutes daily to internal silence or meditation. In theory, you do not need any specific technology. In meditation you just have to pay attention to your breath and take deep breath. Let whatever thoughts are coming in you may cause tension in your brain in the initial time, but gradually you will get used to meditation, your brain will grow in a healthy direction.

healthy mental activities

2. Focus all your attention on one thing: 

In this practice all our focus is on fixing one thought, which involves our mind. It is necessary to maintain meditation for at least five minutes. It is normal for the concentration to decrease at first, but if you maintain consistency, the time will increase gradually.

3. "Don't think of anything:

It's about stopping the entry of thoughts into the mind. Initially you'll be able to do it only for brief moments, but as we've said before, little by little. You will be able to stay longer, thus managing to be the master and master of your own head.
If you manage to combine the three previous exercises with the proposal below, then I assure you that, in addition to improving control over your mind, you can use some areas to awaken and activate your brain. Will provide a great help to those who were still asleep.

4. Play Mind Games:

If you usually practice Mind games like Sudoku or Crossword Puzzle, you will improve and start your activity and brain capacity. Likewise, it will improve your ability to concentrate. You do not need to practice it for more than 15 or 20 minutes.
5. Change hands: Change the hands with which you perform certain activities. Brush your teeth with the inverted hand, or replace the hand with which you carry the shopping bag. This will establish new connections in your brain.

6. Learn something new:

Different brain regions are found to let the fact of learning something new. Try to learn a language, read other books or learn to skate, anything works. You will activate your memory and again, your ability to concentrate will increase.

7. Remember phone numbers: 

Currently, with the use of mobile phones, we no longer need to remember almost anything. The phone does this for us when our brain uses it for atrophy ... Try to remember multiple phone numbers every day, your brain needs content to exercise memory.

8. Make a list of different things: 

You can make a list of very different things: the places you have been, among the people you are taking a course for the best moments of your life or the one you are most interested in. Like to eat more, for example. These lists help increase brain activity and create data associations.

healthy mental activities

If, apart from practicing these small things, you also have to fulfill your need by supplying oxygen to your brain, you will see many benefits. Various studies have shown that fish, nuts and fats of linseed and olive oil are essential for the brain; Include them in your diet and forget about saturated fat.

However, do not be hasty, obsessive and try to incorporate some of these exercises into your day-to-day peacefully, when you become the master of your mind, you will not be able to decide anything for yourself and someone Also will not have the ability to affect how you feel or how you decide.

Also, you can combine these exercises to exercise your mind with meditation, which will show you the path of meditation. For this you can help yourself with the Create Health Method, which will not only guide you in meditation, but also in the goal of achieving the right nutrition and active life.

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