Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Every company or person who has a web page has to find a way to generate more traffic. Following are some benefits of doing search engine optimization: 

Investment is fixed 

At the SEO level, agencies work with a monthly feed, allowing you to execute the service and meet established objectives. On the other hand, if you decide to invest in advertising in Google (Google Adwords / Ads), the investment will depend on time, campaign, criteria, purpose, competition. By investing in SEO you know what you pay every month and for what purpose you are paying it. 
Initially the investment may seem expensive, but it is profitable due to the number of visits to achieve it. Search engine optimization costs based on position experts and their work. However, the benefits gained in the long run are striking, and the web becomes permanent. 

Increase in visits

This means that potential customers. A good SEO strategy manages the number of contact forms, calls, or tasks within your website in the medium term by many potential customers. In this way your site becomes another real sales channel, which is the same for your commercial department. 
If the selected words are successful in defining the visited words, then the traffic of the visit will be eligible. Quality visits are done since meeting the user's expectations, by going to the appropriate keywords. 

Benefits of hiring a company that works on the website

To accelerate the growth of a company on the Internet, it is necessary to have a search engine optimizer. Those who do this work usually provide personalized services according to the needs of each project and customers.

Long-term high profitability

When a page or website is posted properly, regular maintenance and optimization must be done. That way, you can stay in top positions, but always want to improve massively. 

Site content and structure

The main key to increasing the status of a website and getting more visits is that its content and structure are constantly reviewed. Content must be updated to remain in top positions.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

If you do not appear, you are not present. This seems logical but many companies do not understand it yet. Over 70% of purchases start on Google, so if you don't come across as a purchase option for your customer, then you stop being part of the probability of purchase within their perception. It is also important to position yourself with your most profitable criteria in Google's first 3 words because they are the ones with the highest qualified traffic. More than 90% of clicks remain on first page of results 
It is more durable than advertising. When you appear in a search engine, when your budget is exhausted, your presence also ends. On the other hand, if you do SEO, even if you stop doing it for some reason, the work does not disappear quickly, but persists over time. Obviously this will not last forever, and it will depend on what your competition is doing as well as changes in the search engine's algorithm. 
Create a brand image. SEO builds trust, security and brand towards your potential customers. Appearing on Google provides two fundamental characteristics for online shopping, a sense of importance and persistence. It also helps in brand memory by behaving like another advertising medium. 
It is also good for social networks. Having traffic on your website (qualified) will also boost your social network, where your job will be to retain that customer. The more optimized all online channels and media are, the better the communication and loyalty with your customers, the greater your benefits. 
The profitability of doing SEO is high. This means that you not only reclaim the investment, but you also get a wider profit. Doing SEO positioning attracts new customers, as it is a much cheaper channel than other traditional ones

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